Not just write a guide to the game – sandboxes, because it is endless. Since the basic meaning here is to survive, we will consider the passage as complete as you can easily and fun to trample from edge to edge. In this guide we will talk about single mode and the standard map of Navezgane, because the cooperative develops into a game called DayZ Standalone.

Later we will say a couple of tips concerning this mode, because it will only supplement the basic survival. Also do not forget that you can buy an account here

What you should know about the game

Regarding the randomly generated world, there is an observation that slightly spoils the game – its absurdity. The map may start to write out pirouettes, from which the eyes will crawl on your forehead, so let’s leave the generation to have additional fun. Like all survival games, we are thrown into very tight conditions, which we have to deal with before we feel full. In 7 Days To Die, we may find ourselves naked in the desert, in an icy climate and, in fact, averages, but with a torch and a small reserve to survive. Our first goal is to get to more comfortable places. Of course, you can also survive in the winter bio, but it is easier to run for a while in the warm.

To find the desert, we can use the map and go southeast of the map. Basically, the map in 7 Days to die is centered, i.e. you do not have to try to look around to find your current location. What is it, here on the map even the coordinates of the cursor are indicated, it is not so easy to get lost. For a while, being in the desert has become much more difficult. Day heat can quickly deprive you of stamina and make easy prey for zombies, but you can solve this problem fast enough. The first thing we need to do is a hat. A hat will not help you for long, because the heat is too strong, but it will give you more time to find a shadow. In the shade of the houses (inside the houses) the temperature is noticeably cooler, which allows you to take a break and look around. On our way there will be just a gas station and a village where you can breathe.

If the sun’s rays will warm you up to a solid temperature, the sunstroke you will be provided. It noticeably increases the consumption of water by your body, so you will have to stock up on moisture. If you get lost, you can make juice from the fruits that are common in the desert. Water also has a small effect on temperature and restores endurance, so the “application on the move” is the most effective.

Unfortunately, we have a small number of recipes that reduce body heat, but which ones. The second recipe will allow us to relax. Leather poncho, will reduce the body temperature by 20 degrees, but the temperature can also be calculated by Fahrenheit. As we have already guessed, for a poncho we will need leather in a very decent amount (20 pcs.). We don’t need anyone to hunt, except sofas. In the village you will find a very decent number of such sofas, but do not confuse them with fabric sofas. When cutting, you will notice a difference in the resulting ingredients. The skill “Bad Mechanic” will help to increase the amount of skin you get.

As an additional method, you can use bathing. It will noticeably cool you + will add the effect of moisture, but you should be careful, because at night the weather is colder. The desert, in addition to the warm climate, even hot, provides a convenient view of the area, so you can easily see the monsters approaching you, but more importantly, it is much easier to see the bird’s nest – the main craft material for arrows.

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