Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized digital cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin network appeared in 2009, it operates through mining, as a result of which BTC coins are produced. Transactions in the BTC network are based on peer-to-peer principle, which means direct transfer of funds from one user to another without participation of third parties and controlling bodies like banks, regulators, state etc.

The total number of bitcoins is strictly limited to 21,000,000, with 18,588,968 BTCs already mined as of 2021, that is more than 85% of all coins. In reality, BTC in circulation is even less, as this figure does not take into account lost bitcoin wallets (according to various estimates, this is from 15-30% of all bitcoins). 

Bitcoin is a worldwide payment system without issue or inflation, through which transactions with this currency can be made. Its main difference from traditional payment systems is that the Bitcoin network has no management and processing center – all transactions take place exclusively in the network of equal clients without intermediaries. The decentralization of the Bitcoin network means that no one can undo/deny a transaction or take away/freeze your bitcoins. You can also get a bitcoin card at

How can I get bitcoins? 

There are several ways to acquire BTC. However, the process can be fraught with some difficulties. For example, there are a large number of fraudulent sites that list fake other blockchain coins. Use only reliable and trusted services. 

  • Buying cryptocurrency on an exchange is the easiest and fastest way to get BTC. You can buy e-currency for money on cryptocurrency exchanges, now all major platforms support input/output of funds in rubles and dollars. It is worth noting that the rates of cryptocurrencies on exchanges are more profitable than in exchanges. 
  • Buying cryptocurrency through exchangers – as a rule, it is easier for a beginner to deal with an exchanger than with an exchange. At exchangers, in some cases, it is possible to do without registration and verification procedure. Also, some of them include online wallet functionality for storing various cryptocurrencies. You can also buy bitcoin on the modern website and get a lot of serious benefits.
  • Cloud mining is the optimal way to earn bitcoin in the medium/long term. Represents a lease of cloud mining service capacity in the form of a one-year contract. All of the cryptocurrency mined with this power goes to your account. On average, you get from 200% to 600% income per year, it all depends on the rate and the growth of the complexity of the network. 
  • Classic mining – mining coins on their own equipment is relevant only for large farms with hundreds or thousands of devices. Miners use their ASICs and video cards to obtain cryptocurrency through the use of computing power (hash rate). For several years now, this BTC mining option has been unprofitable for the average user, giving way to the more flexible and profitable cloud mining.