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Statistical data about smoking

According to official data there are at least one billion of smokers for every 7.5 billion people on the planet. Every year tobacco addicts smoke about 6 billion cigarettes and throw about 1 million tons of cigarette butts into the environment, thus polluting not only their bodies, but also the environment. However, the number of anti-smokers is much larger, and the tendency to increase their number is only increasing. 

Many people know that smoking is the enemy of health. According to official data of the World Health Organization, smoking is the cause of more than 25 different diseases, among which pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory system disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, problems with the liver, gallbladder, skin, oral mucosa. Loss of potency is not the least in this list. Many studies have proven that abuse of smoking over the years leads to erectile dysfunction and is often the cause of loss of potency in middle age and old age. 

The effect of smoking on the quality of sexual life

The link between impotence and smoking was first discovered in the late 80’s in South Africa where two andrologists conducted a study, the result of which was very surprising: 93% of patients with impotence were smokers. The question of the connection between sluggish potency and tobacco smoking aroused enormous interest and began to be investigated even more thoroughly. So, later it was found out that in 75% of cases the cause of impotency development is hidden not in the head, as it was accepted before, but inside the body, namely, in the blood vessels. To grasp the relationship between nicotine and potency, it is important to understand the mechanism of erection development. 

An erection develops due to the active flow of blood to the genital area. To the small pelvis the blood comes through the blood vessels, the quality of which directly affects the potency. The narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels impedes blood flow to the perineum, preventing the development of a full erection. According to studies, it is smoking tobacco that causes severe narrowing and spasm of blood vessels, which affects the quality of blood circulation in the male body. Thus, men who abuse nicotine risk facing erectile dysfunction and complete loss of potency at the most inappropriate and unexpected moment.

Smoking also affects the respiratory system and causes serious lung problems. Long-term smokers often suffer from chronic bronchitis, obstructive lung disease, and lung cancer. Almost all have shortness of breath, bad breath, chronic gum inflammation, and a persistent cough that interferes with a full life. No wonder women avoid kissing these men and prefer to sleep in separate beds. If you want to avoid the effects of smoking on potency, but can’t get rid of the bad habit, use https://edpharm-france.com/.