In this material we have prepared some very useful tips for you, following which you will be able to understand many aspects of the game much faster.

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The first steps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  1. Be sure to complete the built-in training, the weapons course. In addition, this is a tribute to the old “training” from CS 1.0, which was removed in version 1.6.
  2. When searching for a match, first select the “Casual” mode – it is designed specifically for beginners, so there are simplified gameplay elements. For example, at the beginning of the round players of both teams are always given a free vest with a helmet (and for counter terrorists – also a set for defusing bombs).
  3. In addition, in the normal mode is disabled damage to their own and can freely pass through the models of teammates, so do not be afraid to accidentally shoot a friend or block an important passage.
  4. Don’t forget to buy weapons and equipment at the beginning of the round – the corresponding menu opens with the “B” button.
  5. You shouldn’t buy sniper rifles and other difficult to handle weapons at once – it’s better to start with submachine guns and shotguns.
  6. Remember the weapons selection buttons: 1 – main, 2 – pistols, 3 – knife, 4 – grenades.
  7. You can select the weapons of killed players – to do this you need to throw yours away (key “G”).
  8. If you can’t jump on a box or ledge, try to sit down during the jump (key “CTRL”).
  9. With a knife in your hand, the character runs noticeably faster, but with a rifle or sniper rifle – on the contrary, slower than usual.
  10. Don’t forget to buy grenades – often the result of a firefight or even a whole round depends on a competent throw.
  11. Do not rush – in CS:GO wins the one who knows how to impose the fight on the enemy on their own terms. In addition, at every turn you may be waiting for an ambush.
  12. Try to remember the features of maps, all detours and corners. Know how to shoot aptly in CS:GO, of course, it is necessary, but the tactics are no less important. As the old saying goes, “a pro kills not in the head, a pro kills in the back”.
  13. On the run, the spread of weapons is very much increased. To shoot more accurately, slow down the step (Shift).
  14. It is better to stand for accurate shooting, for ultra accurate shooting – to sit down. On the run, you can only shoot relatively accurately with submachine guns and shotguns.
  15. If you are a beginner, play for terrorists and at the beginning of the round you have a bomb in your hands, it’s better to throw it to one of your colleagues – for this purpose press the “G” key: if you are not sure that you can competently mine the point, it’s better to remove the burden of responsibility, and at the same time to avoid potential anger of the team in case of failure.
  16. Remember, high sensitivity of the mouse is not equal to professionalism – you should not twist this parameter to the maximum at once. In contrast to more “arcade” shooters, in which success often depends on the speed of rotation of the head to 360 degrees, in CS:GO you will eventually learn to identify all the places where the enemy can jump out – then the most important thing is to accurately shoot, and overvalued mouse sensitivity can only hinder.
  17. Get ready to die. Die often. Very often die, often before you even had a chance to understand where the stray bullet came from. Against the background of other modern CS:GO shooters it is hard enough – to go to the bench before the next round, one or two bullets in the head is enough. It’s okay – we all went through it.

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